The Borough of Woodbine is a small community located in northern Cape May County, bordered by Upper Township to the north and surrounded by Dennis Township along the southern, eastern and western municipal boundaries.

Woodbine is a community of approximately 2,700 persons who take pride in their community and maintain a strong interest in preserving the rural character that symbolizes the area's historical significance as an early Jewish immigrant community that became a self-sufficient farming village.

Beyond the Borough's advantageous proximity to the shore region is the fact that it is one of only five Pinelands Towns—a designation that offers the community the opportunity to develop as a centerpiece within this region. The "Town" designation typically indicates a larger, usually more dense area, and more likely to be a sewered area than that of the next classification, Pinelands Village. The Pinelands Comprehensive Plan indicates that, within a Town, appropriate infill residential, commercial and industrial development may be permissible within the existing character of the community.

In addition to its locational advantages and status as a Pinelands Town, the Borough also has a well defined Town Center, with Washington Avenue and Adams Avenue being the primary commercial throughfares. Washington Avenue, in particular, is undergoing extensive streetscape improvements, facade improvements, and other enhancements that will create a focal point as a specialty retail hub in the Borough town center as an attractive venue for both residents and visitors alike. The DeHirsch Boulevard commercial and industrial zone is the other primary throughfare (east-west), which begins near its intersection with Washington Avenue and continues east to the Woodbine Municipal Airport.




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