From a locational and transportation perspective, the Borough is well situated with easy access to the Garden State Parkway. This proximity to the Garden State Parkway as well as Route 9 makes Woodbine a short drive from such southern New Jersey resorts as Ocean City, Cape May, Wildwood, and Atlantic City as well as State Highway Routes 49 and 47, which provide access to Philadelphia, Wilmington, and the entire Northeast corridor.

Furthermore, its location in southern New Jersey is convenient because it is within a three hour drive of New York and a 70 minute drive from Philadelphia. The Borough is not over-developed as are some of the nearby shore communities and the area still retains the abundant natural and wildlife resources that have allowed it to develop into a unique community that some consider the Gateway to the Pinelands. Others call it the Gateway to the Shore—all dependent upon one's perspective!

Cape May County Facts
Seven of the top most visited attractions in the State of New Jersey are located in Cape May County.

Cape May County is listed as one of the top three ‘"birding hot spots" in North America.

The Cape May County resorts of Cape May and Wildwood were voted #1 Tourist Town in the Northeast by Family Fun Magazine.
Cape May County is number two out of the twenty-one counties in New Jersey in tourism dollars generated.
One of the largest annual gardens in the U.S. is located in Cape May County.
More than 400 different species of birds and 100 species of butterflies have been sited in Cape May County.
Cape May County is the northernmost habitat for many plant species such as the tropical bamboo, Acuba, water fern and Vinca Major.
Cape May County beaches were rated as one of the top 10 beaches in America by the Travel Channel.
Cape May County hosts more camping sites than any other county in the State of New Jersey.

Belleplain State Forest

The Borough of Woodbine is located in part in Belleplain State Forest, one of the region's most important assets. It connects to the Borough via Route 550. The bike path that exists along DeHirsch Avenue (Route 550) connects to the State Forest via Washington Avenue (through the Woodbine Town Center). The State Forest serves as the western-most node in the development of Woodbine as a destination for outdoor/ recreational purposes. Some of the activities that take place within the State Park, such as fishing, hunting, and boating are economic engines for growth within Woodbine via services catering to this outdoor population's needs.

Adjacent to the State Forest are a number of equestrian farms which provide training, boarding, and equestrian shows and are able to take advantage of an extensive trail system for horseback riding and hiking.





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